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Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services Pathway Map to Employment

Careers in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) involve providing immediate medical care, transport, and assistance to individuals experiencing medical emergencies, trauma, or urgent health situations. EMS professionals play a vital role in saving lives, stabilizing patients, and ensuring their safe transport to medical facilities. Careers in EMS require strong communication skills, quick decision-making, adaptability, and a dedication to helping those in need. Professionals in this field provide critical care in high-stress and time-sensitive situations, making their work invaluable to the health and safety of communities. Students in the emergency medical services program of study in high school will have the opportunity to lay the foundation for their journey into healthcare with a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities as well as work based learning opportunities. The map below shows various education and training pathway opportunities available in Hawaiʻi, starting high school and leading you to a job here in Hawaiʻi.

The Breakdown of the Map

Starting in the emergency medical services program of study in high school you will be introduced to key concepts, overall understanding of the field and the opportunity to explore healthcare through work based learning to ensure this career path is the right fit for you. A career in emergency medical services will require additional training and education depending on the path you want to pursue. While more training is required, you are able to attain entry level certifications that will allow you to work in the healthcare field right after high school.

  • Community College Track (2+ Years)
  • University Track (4+ Years)
  • Training Programs (< 1-Year)

How to use the map.

Map Overview: The large map shows all the possible educational and training pathways available in Hawaii. You can click on any of the bubbles to obtain more information.

Start Your Journey: If you prefer a guided approach, you can click on “Start Your Journey” in the upper left corner of the map. This will take you through various screens and include enlargements of the selected areas of the map overview.

Admissions Requirement: As you navigate the map, be sure to read the admission requirements for the Community College and University Track Programs. You must meet admissions requirements to enroll in these programs.