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It’s possible to find a rewarding career that allows you to make a living here in Hawaii and take care of your family. You just need to follow the path that’s right for you.

“My internship at a financial services firm gave me experience in a professional setting."

Sophia Lauren Lopez
Campbell High School Graduate, Academy of Business, Agricultural Sciences, and International Baccalaureate

“My business pathway internship gave me perspective on the trust it takes for one to handle such personal information (ie: Social Security Numbers, addresses, financial history, etc.), and I also learned about the significance of finance as a whole. I also got an actual job out of it! It really helped me choose a career path in business after graduation!”

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High-paying STEM careers

86% of STEM jobs pay more than the average income in other fields

A rise in tech in Hawaii

41.5% projected increase in demand for computer and technology industry jobs in Hawaii by 2028

Look into Natural Resources

$78,229 is the average salary for manager level positions in natural resources

Options in healthcare

Over 23 short-term health care training programs in Hawaii to choose from

There are many rewarding career options to choose from. Gain skills for one of many jobs of the future, such as AI developer or autonomous driving engineer. Learn practical skills like web development or phlebotomy. The world is changing and we want you to be ready. Career-connected educational pathways prepare students to excel in the high-skill, high-wage jobs of the future — in technology, health care, energy, skilled trades and more.

Pathways directly connect what you learn in school to what you’ll do after graduation, whether you go to a four-year university, community college, or join the workforce. 

With Hawaii Career Pathways, you can explore your career options and develop an action plan to get the job you want.

Hawaii Career Pathways bridges the gap between students and their future careers. Read more about Hawaii Career Pathways.

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Find out which skills and jobs are most in demand and what you’ll need to focus on in school now to succeed in your future profession.