Work-Based Learning Resources

Connecting students with the workplace

Work-based learning can help students make relevant connections with the careers they want to pursue.

Real-life learning

Work-based learning is an educational framework in which students explore different careers by participating in relevant training and hands-on educational opportunities. Through real-world experiences, students gain academic and technical skills to thrive in their chosen career pathway.

Hawaii’s work-based learning continuum for career, college and community readiness helps students progress from learning about work to learning through and for work.

STEMworks Hawaii

STEMworks™ Internship Program help students (grades 9 thru college) explore technical and professional development, and gain confidence in their ability to be a STEM professional.

STEMworks™ helps teachers learn how to be facilitators encouraging student self-directed learning utilizing the engineering design process.

Root + STEM

Explore a living directory of STEM education programs in Hawaii. Discover new fields of study or focus on your area of interest to find relevant programs near you.

Aina-based Education & Community Engagement

Aina-based education helps students deepen their relationship with the natural environment, cultivate connections within their communities, and build critical skills that can be applied to real-world issues.

Jobs for the Future: Planning Guide for middle and high school students to provide experiences to college and careers

This guide offers detailed information and resources to help you provide middle and high school students with opportunities to explore their options for the future through Career and College Exploration Experiences.