What are Career Pathways?

Getting students on the path to success

Career pathways offer a holistic way of looking at school and the working world. Pathways map out the skills, training, college and career advising, and courses students need to transition from the classroom to their chosen career.

Based on your interests and passions

Career pathways group together similar careers and occupations under common industries or categories, such as arts and communication, health and science, hospitality and tourism, engineering and technology.

When students get on a pathway that ignites their interest, they begin to make connections between their lessons in the classroom to the working world.

Joining a career pathway

Pathways can start as early as elementary school, continuing through and beyond high school.

Students drawn to a certain profession or general pathway can take related classes and participate in experiences that allow them to explore different careers. They learn what the work is like in that particular industry, and what steps they’ll need to take to get there.

Post-graduation guidance

Pathways help students decide what to do after they graduate high school. Some career pathways lead to college, while others lead to apprenticeships, vocational programs and the workforce. Each pathway gives students a greater understanding of how to reach their career goals.