Help your child forge a path to success

Your child’s career journey starts with you. Get resources and guidance to support your child in finding their career path and fulfilling their dream. Remember that the labor market your child will enter is not the labor market you experienced. The pace of change will only continue to accelerate in your child’s lifetime and they will need both interpersonal and digital skills to succeed in their careers.

"I am a firm believer in the Academy (Pathways) Model because I saw how engaged and interested my kids were when they went through it."

Chester Nakachi
Parent, Castle High School

“It helps them to think about their future instead of just trying to finish high school. It’s great to see that Castle High School is using the Academy model and pathways to provide my kids a robust education and give them opportunities to experience real world settings and internships.”

Talk about what comes after graduation

High college enrollment

75% of Hawaii high school students who participated in health-focused career education programs enrolled in college after graduation

Career education in school

48% of Hawaii high school students completed a career education class before graduating

Work local

95% of Hawaii high school graduates who attend University of Hawaii are working in the state

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

86% of STEM jobs pay more than the average income in other fields

Your child is faced with an overwhelming number of options when it comes to preparing for the future. After they graduate high school, what’s next? A two- or four-year college, technical school or training program? Or, are they ready to enter the workforce?

Career-connected educational pathways prepare students to excel in the high-skill, high-wage jobs of the future — in technology, health care, energy, skilled trades, and more.

Career pathways help your child explore career options while they’re still in school, figure out what makes them excited to learn and develop an action plan to pursue their goals with purpose. 

Hawaii Career Pathways bridges the gap between students and their future careers. Read more about Hawaii Career Pathways.

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Find tips and resources at the links below to answer your questions about financing college, discovering new career options with your child, and helping them get into the programs that suit their passions.