“Talent Roadmap” declares: Now is the Time to Reinvent Hawaii

October 19, 2020

The coronavirus has put tens of thousands of local people out of work.

Enhancing workforce development is the starting point, according to a report from the Hawaii Executive Collaborative, which is based on input from almost 200 people.

The economic impact sends a clear signal: Hawaii needs to build a more resilient economy that can support residents with living-wage jobs. Simply returning to the status quo is not the answer.

That’s the message from a collaboration of public, private and philanthropic leaders. They say Hawaii needs to train people for jobs that will be needed and in demand now and in the future – and that means preparing them for careers in health care, technology and skilled trades. The way to do that, they say, is through more work-based learning, retraining and credentialing programs, and more industry- driven solutions and partnerships.

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