Exposing Students to the World of Work

Connect learning with the workplace

Introduce your students to the world of work so they can gain experiences that build career readiness.

Through hands-on learning, talking with professionals and learning relevant job skills like technology literacy or writing, students of all ages will have a better understanding of career opportunities available to them and a better sense of the interests they want to pursue after graduation.

Here are a few grade-level appropriate projects and lessons you can implement in your classroom:

Education Incubator

Education Incubator is part of a movement to transform school into an incubation space for kid- and community-driven innovation, to shape the present and future our children should and can be leading us toward

Hawaii FIRST Robotics

Hawaii FIRST Robotics coordinates robotics tournaments and expos for teams of students in order to excite and challenge students to pursue opportunities and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

TeachEngineering: STEM Curriculum K-12

TeachEngineering is a digital library comprised of standards-aligned engineering curricula for K-12 educators to make applied science and math come alive through engineering design.


Introducing Students to the World of Work

Get Involved

Explore work-based learning opportunities available by Hawaii businesses for your students in Climb Hi Bridge by emailing info@climbhi.org.