Teacher Externships

Gain experience to bring back to the classroom

In light of today’s COVID situation, employers and educators are having to change the way they conduct business and the way teaching is done. One thing that remains constant is the need to strengthen the relationship with employers so teachers can maintain currency in their field and adjust their curriculum accordingly so that students have the most up-to-date skills and workplace competencies. Hawaii Career Pathways remains committed to supporting educators’ professional development via teacher externships as well as increasing employers’ participation in all career pathway fields. While a teacher externship experience may look a little different now, there are still opportunities available. For more information contact:

State CTE Office

Email: loishama@hawaii.edu
Phone: 808-956-6115

See what teachers had to say about their externships

Lars Mitsuda, Moanalua High School

“I wanted to go out and gain commercial kitchen experience and did that by sharpening my skills by taking on a teacher externship at The Pig and the Lady. The externship experience made me feel great teaching students new industry information and staying current. If I have to help students or prepare them for the future, I have to stay updated and I have to know what’s going on now so I can share it with them and then they can use that information for their future.”

Group picture at the CTE Teacher Externship conference

Shawn Uyeda, Castle High School

(shown kneeling lower right)

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the CTE Secondary Teacher Externship with Hawaii Pacific Health. I was able to integrate what I learned into my curriculum to make my lessons more engaging and relevant. Having teacher externships are valuable to learn what the up to date industry standards and employability skills our students will need to be competitive in our workforce.”