Today’s students, tomorrow’s leaders

What skills are you looking for when it comes to hiring for the jobs of tomorrow? Working with schools and students, you can help develop Hawaii’s future workforce and enable success for future job seekers.

"Creating opportunities and career pathways are critical to helping local youth enter the workforce."

Rich Wacker
Former President & CEO, American Savings Bank

“We’re proud to partner with educators to assist students in developing the skills they need to work and live in Hawaii.”

Build a foundation for the next generation

The need for a college education

In 2020, 70% of jobs already require some college education.

Rising popularity in business

“Business Analyst” is one of the fastest growing jobs in Hawaii.

Increasing demand for skilled workers

Even though Hawaii’s unemployment rate is at 13.6% as of June 2020, companies are still looking for skilled workers.

Intern retention

Interns who become full-time employees at your company are 30% more likely to stay after one year.

The world is changing, and the workforce is changing, too. How will you recruit, hire and retain qualified local talent to fill jobs of the future — jobs that may not even exist today?

We’re building career pathways to help students develop relevant skills that will help them excel in rapidly developing industries. In order to meet the challenge of preparing today’s learners to thrive in their careers, we need your help.

By partnering with us, you can be a part of shaping work-based learning curriculums and programs to build essential job skills. You can also support students by offering hands-on learning opportunities in the workplace.

Hawaii Career Pathways bridges the gap between students and their future careers. Read more about Hawaii Career Pathways.

Work-Based Learning Champion

Are you and your company ready to make a strong commitment to support work-based learning for Hawaii’s schools? Join a core group of employer champions who are paving the way for a more coordinated, collaborative approach to work-based learning. Contact the Chamber of Commerce to learn about joining this leadership group.


Chamber’s Voice of Business Podcast Highlights Collaborations

Collaborative efforts are having an impact on meaningful work-based learning opportunities and supporting homegrown talent to secure the future generation of Hawaii’s workforce. Hear about these efforts from Chamber staff and guests from Hawaii’s education and business community in the Chamber’s Voice of Business podcast.


Want to learn more?

Explore the links below to find out how you can offer work-based learning opportunities like internships and job shadowing, or collaborate on workforce development with other industry leaders through Sector Partnerships.

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