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"COVID-19 has made people rethink what kind of skills they need for the future.”

Marc Endrigat
Director of MBA Admissions, Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii at Manoa

“People are looking for training or education to help them re-tool their skill set. Resources like Hawaii Career Pathways, Hawaii is Hiring and UH Career Explorer make it easier for people to find what kind of jobs are in-demand here in Hawaii.”

Take your career in a new direction

Strong growth forecasted

52% projected increase in demand for healthcare-related jobs in Hawaii by 2028

Likely outcomes

$72,897 average annual salary for plumbing, heating and air-conditioning contractors in Hawaii, which is 20% higher than the living wage in the state

Get ahead with short-term training

29the number of short-term (2-month to 1 year) technology training or education programs in Hawaii

STEM jobs

86% of STEM jobs pay more than the average income in other fields

Navigating a career change as an adult is both challenging and fulfilling. Our education-to-career pathways prepare students of all ages to excel in the high-skill, high-wage jobs of the future — in technology, health care, energy, skilled trades and more.

With Hawaii Career Pathways, you can explore new career opportunities and take action toward your goals, like finishing your degree or finding a job in your dream industry.

Hawaii Career Pathways bridges the gap between students and their future careers. Read more about Hawaii Career Pathways.

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