Learning that prepares students for a bright future

Hawaii Career Pathways is a statewide commitment to give every student the tools they need to explore and plan an education-to-career pathway that’s right for them. We are public- and private-sector leaders, educators and nonprofits partnering to help Hawaii’s next generation prepare for a bright future. Together, we hope to provide a bright future where young people can live and work in Hawaii and employers have qualified local applicants for in-demand, high-wage and high-skilled jobs.

Hawaii Career Pathways is committed to helping students answer the question, “What do I want to do with my life?”

Through career exploration and guidance, we help students navigate their way to fulfilling careers and livelihoods right here in Hawaii. We connect industry and education, public and private sectors, to build pathways that guide students from the classroom to the workplace.

Our partnerships enable students to learn essential skills to perform the jobs of tomorrow, ensuring a sustainable and robust future for our keiki.

Bridging the Gap


We know that the workplace is changing rapidly. What students learn in the classroom today needs to be relevant when they’re asked to perform in the jobs of tomorrow.

We work with employers to identify skills for in-demand jobs, such as renewable energy technicians, data analysts, digital content specialists and prepare students for careers of the future — some of which haven’t even been invented yet! We bring those resources to educators so they can create relevant, meaningful learning experiences for students of all ages. We support hands-on programs that allow students to explore their passions and talents, like career and technical education and work-based learning, while progressing toward their career and academic goals. We’re bringing together leaders in government, education, business and the nonprofit sector to bridge the gap between school and the working world.

Together, we help students map a journey that connects their education with their future career.

Promoting student success: Research and data

Our approach is developed from educational research, analysis and national workforce development frameworks. 

What we found is that career-connected learning, shaped by stakeholders from business, government and education, offers students a clear path forward to achieve career readiness, and ultimately, career success.

Follow the links below to read research, data and academic publications that promote career pathway initiatives:

Career pathways

One of the strongest multi-year evaluations of high quality career pathways comes from California, where participation found greater achievement and persistence in school as well as stronger college preparation and workplace readiness.

Career academies

This study is another rigorous evaluation that found graduates of high school career academies earn 11 percent more per year once they enter the workplace.

Early college

Completing a dual credit course while still in high school significantly increases college enrollment and persistence, especially for students in disadvantaged situations.

Industry recognized certificates

Industry certifications let students experience the real world demands of work in a practical way. Acquiring certificates allows students to gain employability skills like problem solving and critical thinking. Research also shows academic benefits, such as higher GPAs and a greater likelihood of graduating high school.

Our Success Stories